Jason Brunton

The Partners of W Law are proud to announce that Jason Brunton has been admitted to the Partnership.  Jason’s practice is focused on family and adoption law.

When Less is Truly More: A Realistic Approach for Companies Wanting to Protect Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

When Less is Truly More: A Realistic Approach for Companies Wanting to Protect Trade Secrets and Confidential Information through Non-Competition/Non-Solicitation Covenants For many companies, the most valuable asset they possess are their employees. Employment with a company can provide employees with the skills and experience necessary to make them competitive in the market. And while […]

External Workplace Investigations

Safe, fair, equitable and harassment-free workplaces where employees thrive is a goal of any employer. There are occasions when an employer will need an investigation to ensure that these goals are being met. For example, an investigation may be appropriate where an employee files a complaint or the employer is concerned that the work environment […]

The Divorce Act: Modernizing Family Law in Canada

Amendments to the Divorce Act: Modernizing Family Law in Canada! Over the last couple of years, you may have seen comments or articles by the mainstream media or on social media regarding changes to family laws in Canada. On March 1, 2021, the Divorce Act[1] was amended to update and modernize Canada’s federal family laws with the […]

Some of the Benefits of Incorporating a Company

If you are starting a new business venture or have an existing business that you personally operate, as a sole proprietor, it may be beneficial to consider incorporating a company. While there are a number of considerations, two of the major advantages of incorporating a company is the limited liability protection a company may provide […]

Bankrupt Shareholders and the Anti-Deprivation Rule Post-Chandos

In preparing a unanimous shareholders agreement, parties are encouraged to consider a number of possible scenarios in order to attempt to create some consensus and provide certainty in how a corporation and its shareholders will respond to those scenarios. Chief among those considerations are the wide variety of scenarios in which a shareholder may be […]

The Children’s Law Act: What You Need to Know about Assisted Reproduction

The Children’s Law Act, 2020, SS 2020, c 2 (“Act”) came into force on March 1, 2021. The Act updates the previous legislation, The Children’s Law Act 1997 to reflect the realities of assisted reproduction, such as surrogacy, sperm donation or egg donation. The Act outlines the laws regarding who is, and is not, recognized as a legal parent of a […]

How do I get divorced?

Marriage is a relatively simple status to attain. In Saskatchewan, all two consenting, eligible adults need is a $60 marriage license and clergy or marriage commissioner registered to perform marriages under The Marriage Act, 1995. Obtaining a divorce requires more paperwork, time, and money in comparison. If children are involved or the spouses are particularly hostile […]

COVID-19 Related Layoffs and Return to Work

With the vaccine rollout underway, an end to the current public health state of emergency feels within reach. For a business owner or employer who has laid off employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have questions about your obligations to employees once the state of emergency is declared over. Below are some of […]