Michel v Graydon & Saskatchewan’s Family Maintenance Act, 1997: Downfall of the DBS Principle? Not Quite

Source: The Saskatchewan Advocate – March 2021 Authors: Carlynn Block & Jason Brunton In September of 2020, as the summer months came to a close and our children returned to in-class learning, the Supreme Court of Canada quietly published their reasons for judgment in Michel v Graydon, 2020 SCC 24, 2020 CSC 24 [“Michel”]. Fourteen years after the […]

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The Children’s Law Act: What You Need to Know about Assisted Reproduction

The Children’s Law Act, 2020, SS 2020, c 2 (“Act”) came into force on March 1, 2021. The Act updates the previous legislation, The Children’s Law Act 1997 to reflect the realities of assisted reproduction, such as surrogacy, sperm donation or egg donation. The Act outlines the laws regarding who is, and is not, recognized as a legal parent of a […]

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How do I get divorced?

Marriage is a relatively simple status to attain. In Saskatchewan, all two consenting, eligible adults need is a $60 marriage license and clergy or marriage commissioner registered to perform marriages under The Marriage Act, 1995. Obtaining a divorce requires more paperwork, time, and money in comparison. If children are involved or the spouses are particularly hostile […]

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2020 Insolvency and Restructuring Highlights

2020 brought many diverse challenges for businesses—both Covid and non-Covid related.  The W Law LLP Insolvency and Restructuring Group acted for lenders, Court-appointed insolvency professionals and debtor companies in a variety of Court-supervised proceedings and other assignments.  Here are some of the highlights. Receivership of Leisure and Recreation Retailer (Settled) W Law acted as counsel […]

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COVID-19 Related Layoffs and Return to Work

With the vaccine rollout underway, an end to the current public health state of emergency feels within reach. For a business owner or employer who has laid off employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have questions about your obligations to employees once the state of emergency is declared over. Below are some of […]

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W Law has taken several measures, guided by our national, provincial and municipal health authorities, to protect the safety of our employees and clients.  Although physical access to our office is limited, we remain open and fully operational.  Implementing measures such as video-conferencing, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the screening of all […]

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