External Workplace Investigations

Safe, fair, equitable and harassment-free workplaces where employees thrive is a goal of any employer. There are occasions when an employer will need an investigation to ensure that these goals are being met. For example, an investigation may be appropriate where an employee files a complaint or the employer is concerned that the work environment needs to be improved.

Although many employers have internal personnel who are equipped to conduct workplace investigation, sometimes it makes sense to hire an external investigator. Here are three reasons why employers might want to consider engaging an external workplace investigator:

  • External investigator affirms impartiality

Impartiality is the bedrock of every effective workplace investigation. It is vital that all parties feel the investigation process was fair and unbiased so that the results are accepted and respected. An external investigator with the training, knowledge and expertise provides the neutrality you need to feel confident in the results.

  • External investigator can deal with serious and complex allegations

When an employee makes serious allegations it is a good time to consider turning to an external investigator who has both the legal knowledge and investigation training to ensure that the rights of all parties involved are respected and upheld.  

  • External investigator ensure that your employees are less disrupted

Conducting a proper investigation takes a lot of time. Internal personnel may already have a full plate doing their regular work functions. An external investigation is discrete and can conduct the investigation with minimal disruption to the regular workflow.

W Law conducts external workplaces investigations. We bring our legal expertise and investigation skills to ensure an impartial and accountable investigation.  

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